Nafisa Dalal is a fashion designer

I bring you luxury style where east meets west with a vision to introduce eastern style to a western woman. My passion for fashion and style has given me the motivation and urge to create a unique collection which is exclusive and allows you to feel stylish and confident.

Some outfits have only one piece therefore can be exclusively yours. My designs are created to compliment and flatter every figure irrespective of shape and size. My fabrics are chosen personally to suit your every occasion, whether it’s for everyday or any event. From a variety of colours and multitude of fabrics and fits, I have a distinct urge to always be different and have a love for playing with new textures and bursting colours.

With 25 years of experience and successfully teaching fashion designing for 12 years, from home and in schools, designing isn’t considered work, it’s my passion.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my collection and go on girls, shop till you drop! Your worth it!

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